Actimar Shipping S.A.

About Us


Actimar Group was established in 2002  with the vision to become a key player within the demanding and fast-paced shipping industry. 

Actimar Shipping S.A. joined the group in 2015, aiming to be a leading provider of shipping services and deliver bespoke and point-to-point supply chain solutions that add value to our customers’ business. 

Actimar handles Bulk, Ro/Ro and Containerized goods primarily within the Middle East, Far East, West Africa, Mediterranean and Black Sea territories.



“Our values inspire and guide us to establish and complete every project in the best possible way, while always having in mind long term collaborations”

  • Authenticity in whatever we do. People are our first priority.
  • Courage means we are entrepreneurial and this takes risks.
  • Transparency. We encourage direct, accurate, and timely disclosure of information.
  • Integrity. We are open, honest, ethical and fair. Partners thrust us to adhere to our goal.
  • Maximization by utilize all our resources in order to deliver best in class services.
  • Adaptability. “To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often”.
  • Responsibility and commitment is the price of excellence and this is what we are aiming to deliver in every project we assigned to complete.


Actimar Shipping S.A. aims to be a leading provider of shipping services and deliver bespoke and end-to-end supply chain solutions that add value to our customers’ business.

Decades of experience give value to our activities,
leading to success.


  • Customer and people oriented culture

    The backbone of Actimar is the people who work for the company and who work with the company. Actimar has adopted a client-oriented approach believing in clients’ satisfaction as the main reason for success.
    Such success is attributed to our people, that have been the key factor in turning our company into what it is today, and what it will be in the future. 

  • Always open for new business
    The road that brought us here is not a straight line, and our future success will depend on our ability to adapt and to make the right decisions. We are always looking ahead with a focus on the development of new strong and long term partnerships.

  • Our word is our bond
     takes its responsibility seriously. We strive to be a reliable and professional partner in everything we do. Whether in international or local business activities, Actimar provides outstanding quality services based on the highest ethical standards.